Help your splicer perform better with new Total PLC Controls Engineered and Installed by R & B Automation.

<<<<< Shown in Photos >>>>>

* New Single Facer Control Station
* Retrofitted to Any Brand of Single Facer
* 10 Inch Color Touch Screen

* New Push Button Controls

* New Integrated Control Station
* New Control Station is on Network
* Network is Via Ethernet
<<<<< Shown in Photos >>>>>>

* 10 Inch Color Touch Screen Will Display all Data

* Pressure Roll Gaps Are Displayed and Controlled

* Corrugating Roll Gaps Are Displayed and Controlled

* Metering Roll Gaps Are Displayed and Controlled

* Glue Roll Gaps Are Displayed and Controlled

* Speed is also Displayed

* Temperatures May Also be Displayed

* Glue Gaps are Set Automatically.

* Automatic Glue Gaps are Proportional to Corrugating Speed.

* Automatic Glue Gaps Are Also Proportional to Paper Caliper.

( Shown in Photo )
* Remote I/O Rack

* Installed in the Main Operator Cabinet

* Remote I/O is Networked to the Main PLC.

* Splicers May also be Networked

* Remote Splicing

* Synchronized Splicing

* Splicer Data May Also Be Viewed
* Networks Available are Ethernet and Serial

( Shown in Photo )

* All Relay Logic is Removed From Old Cabinet
* New Allen Bradly PLC is Installed
* Remote Control Station is Networked Via Ethernet
* Ethernet may Be Expanded to Paper Splicers Also

( Shown in Photo )
* Automatic Glue Dams
* Glue Dams Are Set Automatically
* Distance is Measured by Laser


( Shown in Auto-Cad Drawing )
* Network can be Expanded at Any Time
* Splicers can be Upgraded at Any Time

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